Friday, July 19, 2013

The Last Few Days...

Here are some pictures from our last few days at LDO. We left the orphanage a few days earlier to spend some time in Nairobi where we visited Winston (director of LDO)'s church and his family. We left Jason, Mistie and Javier behind as they wrapped things up and spent the remaining days left playing soccer with the kids and served spaghetti. 

We are all now back in the States. We are definitely missing the kids and the staff. It is truly and eeply rooted in our hearts. There is so much we need to do for LDO now. It is different this year for us as we are more motivated and we are more passionate to help enhance the condition of the orphanage and the lives of the orphans. A lot has happened (both good and bad) during our stay at LDO and we wish to share the stories with you in our next blog post. Thank you to all who have supported us since day one!

Enjoy the pictures below.

This is Mary's baby (one of the leading staff). Every time she cries, this is how she does it and it is just so cute. Hands on ears and beads of tear dropping like a fresh and cold drink pulled out of a cooler.

Another stormy day (one of the worst wince we've been there).

After the storm.

Tabitha, our cook making chapatti. 

Alex making popcorn for the kids as they watch Matrix 3.

During the last week, chicks were born and they were busy scurrying around the land and it was so much fun to watch them. It was also scary because we did not want to step on them.

Alex and Javier built this thing in an hour. It's a neat game that the kids loved playing - hockey disc.

Carl and Nina Moore from Tulsa came to visit during their stay at another orphanage. It was a treat having them around.

Jason bought the trash burning can so we can burn trash instead of leaving them lying on the ground.

Japheth and his usual shy self.

Jason working away on the chicken coop.


Love the bold gesture.

Only a camera can capture this.

A big part of his personality. 

The chicken coop all done!!!

We had a bunch of toys and fun stuff left over and decided to give them away as prizes at the end of camp week.

His signature gesture of "what do you have there?"

Frederick enjoying himself.

My, what pretty and big eyes you have!